(Core) = Fantasy Craft Core book
(Adv. Comp) = Adventure Companion
(C2A) = Call ot Arms PDF series
(HB) = Home brewed/from the Fantasy Craft forums
(BofH) = Book of Holding, a collection of hombrew from the Fantasy Craft forums.


(every species has variant race feats that will let you model other fantasy creatures like azers and driders and such)

Avian (BofH p. 6)

  • Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1
  • Flight, hollow bones, good sight,
  • You're an avian, a man-sized, humanoid bird. Your body is covered with feathers (like any proper bird) and your face is dominated by your large imposing beak. Your eyes, which are as sharp as any bird of prey's, are situated on the front of your skull, allowing for binocular vision like most humanoids. The feathers that cover your body differ with bloodline, clan, subrace and geography — insuring colorations and appearances between individuals that are as varied as that of your tiny winged cousins.

Blenno (BofH p. 7)

  • Medium Ooze with a reach of 1
  • Can’t bleed, hearty, kinda’ gross.
  • You are a blenno, a sapient ooze capable of speech and taking on a humanoid shape to interact with other species. Your body is a mass of translucent blue-green goop, produced and controlled by a solid core about the size of a cantaloupe. You can form your body into all manner of unusual shapes, even squeezing through remarkably narrow spaces and producing multiple pseudopods with which to manipulate objects. However, you most often take on a mostly humanoid shape (at least in your upper portions) with a unique appearance that you've grown comfortable with forming — a habit your kind has picked up to facilitate easier interactions with other races.

Centaur (BofH p. 8)

  • Large (1×2) quadruped folk with a reach of 1.Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
  • Fast, half horse, damage reduction
  • You’re the mullet of fantasy creatures, Human in the front, horse in the rear.
  • Drake (Core Book p. 9)
  • Large (2×3) quadruped beast with a Reach of 2. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
  • Breath weapon, flight, natural attacks that don’t suck
  • You’re a drake, proud kin to dragons. Physically, you fit the classic depiction; you possess scaly skin, a serpentine body, wicked talons, destructive breath, and massive wings. Your hide may be red or brown and your scales might be black, blue, green, or gold, depending on your birthplace and ancestry. 

Dwarf (Core book p. 12)

  • Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1
  • Good crafting, hard to trip, some damage reduction
  • For a description see literally any dwarf in any work of fiction since the publication of the Lord of the Rings.

Elf (Core book p. 13)

  •  Medium biped fey with a Reach of 1.
  • Sharp senses, totes sexy, bit of a prick
  • Fantasy elves. We’re not blazing new trails here.

Eno (BofH p. 8)

  • Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1
  • Thundercat person, agile, good hearing,
  • You’re an eno, a member of a magically created humanoid cat race, but who made your kind and why is lost in the mists of time

Giant (Core book p. 13)

  • Large (2×2) biped folk with a Reach of 2. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
  • Hard to trip and push around, trample attack, 
  • You’re a giant, a 10–15 ft. tall humanoid whose heritage dates back to the earliest days of the world. Some call your forefathers “titans” and believe they embodied the most fundamental aspects of creation; you and your modern-day kin still bear this elemental birthright and revel in the mystic awe bestowed to you by “small folk.” 

Gnoll (HB – Gnoll)

  •  Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1 
  • Scent, darkvision, intimidating
  • You’re a gnoll, a bipedal doglike humanoid known for nomadic wandering and a preference for nocturnal activity. A prominent barrel chest, humped shoulders and long lean limbs gives you the appearance of being both gangly and powerfully built at the same time. Despite this hunched stature your eye-line is easily six and a half feet off the ground and you would likely exceed 8 ft. tall if your frame would allow you to stand fully erect. You are covered in a short, often matted, fur that can range in color from a dirty yellow or reddish-brown through black, often with spots, tips and other canine colorations and markings

Goblin (Core book p. 14)

  •  Small biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 2/3 (rounded up).
  • Agile, darkvision, some extra vitality
  • You’re a goblin, a crude, rambunctious creature notorious for curiosity and mischief. Yours is a small subterranean people with earth-toned skin, pointed ears, course black hair, beady eyes, long noses, and big mouths (literally and figuratively). Though your people share many traits with orcs, you don’t take yourself nearly as seriously. Low cunning and humor are time-honored traditions in your culture, making you a natural prankster, rogue, and rapscallion. Despite your ilk’s stubby stature and ill-deserved reputation for cowardice, you’re a rough-and-tumble little bugger who can be incredibly tenacious when you set your mind to something. 

Human (Core book p 14)

  • Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. 
  • Humans get to pick from talents which are about as varied as the specialty list that everyone gets to pick from. (You get both a talent and an specialty as a human)
  • You are a human every miserable day of your existence. I should not need to describe this to you.

Kobold (BofH p. 10)

  • Tiny biped folk with a reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1/2 (rounded up).
  • Traps, attacking bigger foes, cold blooded
  • Your standard d&d kobold.

Nymph (BofH p. 11)

  • Medium biped fey with a Reach of 1
  • Attractive, magical attacks, linked to a location
  • Enchanting creature with a mystical bond to a location.

Ogre (Core book p. 15)

  •  Large (2×2) biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
  • Big, athletic, hard to seriously hurt
  • You’re an ogre, a brutish, lumbering humanoid who inspires equal measures of terror and revulsion. Like most of your kind, you have small and darting eyes, a broad muscular frame, a thick-featured face, small tusks or horns, and skin ranging in color from dull yellow, red, or brown to subdued green, blue, or black. Your species is almost universally outcast by other cultures, caring little for the niceties and nuances of society. You tend to be blunt and overbearing in both demeanor and odor.

Orc (Core book p. 15)

  •  Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. 
  • Intimidating, pain to fight,
  • Orc-orc, orc orc orc ORC ORC ORC! Orc-orc, orc orc orc ORC ORC ORC!

Pech (Core book p. 16)

  • Small biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 2/3 (rounded up).
  • <s>Hobbit</s>, <s>halfling</s>, you like food, you throw things, resolved
  • See: Baggins, Bilbo.

Revenant (HB – Revenant)

  • Medium biped undead with a Reach of 1. 
  • Undead, difficult to harm, 
  • You’re a revenant, a person once dead and now returned from the grave. Perhaps you died with unfinished business that you’ve now returned to take care of. Perhaps you committed horrible crimes in life and now bear the curse of a twisted, restless unlife as punishment for your sins. Perhaps you were raised deliberately by a wielder of necromantic powers for some purpose. Perhaps you simply rose from the dead spontaneously due to some peculiar quirk of metaphysics

Rootwalker (Core book p. 16)

  • Large (2×2) biped plant with a Reach of 1 (see page 227). Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
  • You are a tree, immune to bleeding, dislikes fire, thick hide, voiced by John Rhys-Davies
  • You’re a rootwalker, a massive living tree with 4 or more twisted branch-limbs, tough bark for skin, and thick foliage that changes with the seasons. As part of an ancient race born of nature, you’re eternally dedicated to preserving the balance of life. Your wards are the trees and animals of the deep forest, which you and your kind vow to protect from hunters, woodcutters, and other pillagers.

Saurian (Core book p. 17)

  •  Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1.
  • Lizard man, natural attacks, only have to eat once a day, 
  • You’re a saurian, a cold-blooded reptilian humanoid hailing from the warmest or wettest parts of your world. Your people are generally covered in fine scales, possess long tails, and have broad lizard-like heads with wide-set eyes and mouths, but your appearance can vary widely. Poisonous saurians are often decorated with brightly contrasting bands of color, while others have rainbow-colored scales, bony crests, rotating eyes, long sticky tongues, or even membranous wings!

Unborn (core book p. 18)

  • Medium biped construct with a Reach of 1 
  • Warforged, Take extra damage from electricity, seriously hard to kill, easy to flank
  • You’re unborn, a being constructed from inanimate materials and given the spark of life by magic or technology. You might be a clay golem, an animated brass statue, a creature of living crystal, or even a clockwork device powered by steam. Regardless of your makeup, you’re unique and bizarre enough to forever dwell outside “polite” society. 

Warg (BofH p. 12)

  • Medium quadruped beast with a reach of 1.
  • Big magical talking wolf/dog, bloodhound scent tracking, magical howl,
  • You're a warg, the descendant of a dark mage's attempts at creating an intelligent canine for his minions to ride into battle. Overall, you look like a particularly hairy wolf with an intelligent gleam in your eyes. Your fur may be brown, grey, white, black, or some combination of those depending on where you were raised.

Were-Touched (BofH p. 13)

  • Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1
  • Sort of were-creatures
  • These are the shifters from Eberron

Wingling (BofH p. 14)

  • Diminutive biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score x 1/3 (rounded up).
  • Flight, fast, very squishy
  • You’re a wingling, a lean, pigeon-sized humanoid with a pair of feathered wings sprouting from between your shoulder blades. Except for the wings, you appear to be an attractive human with a height of about a foot and a weight of less than a pound. Your wings match the pattern and coloration of the first bird that you ever saw. Wingling parents therefore go through great lengths to ensure that their child’s first bird is as interesting as possible – blue jays, cardinals, orioles, red-winged blackbirds and similar striking species are preferred over wrens, sparrows and other drab choices. Some even blindfold the child and carry the youth to the presence of the desired bird as a guarantee of spectacular wings.


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