Expedition Log - Mine of Tutoris
Ecnisday, 5th of Stormdawn, 982sc

Ecnisday, 5th of Stormdawn, 982sc

On the third day of the expedition the group discovered an overturned and ransacked merchant's cart on the road. Investigating a trail of clues let the group to the entrance of an abandoned mine occupied by brigands. Making short work of the ne'er-do-wells it was discovered that they had occupied only the uppermost portion of the mine. Access to the lower sections were boarded shut and marked with a sign indicating "Danger: Spiders."

Dismissing the warning the group descended into the mine shaft where they encountered several very large spiders. Working in a methodical fashion the expedition moved through the abandoned mine, discovering it was cut into a natural cave formation. Evidence suggests that the former foreman of the mine was a lovelorn but wealthy individual. Braving many dangers they made several startling discoveries: The signs of invasion by a hostile, spider themed force, the bodies of a previous Atherium expedition, and an Aether rift deep within the mine. After dealing with the hostile Aether beasts who made their lair near the rift the group made camp.

Mntisday, 6th of Stormdawn, 982sc

Refreshed from a night camping in the lush grasses of the Ather rift chamber the expedition continued to investigate the mine, discovering the source of the mine's troubles, a pair of hostile Driders. The high priestess of a sort of blood-spider-god (the expedition lacks anyone familiar with Elven or Drider dialects) and her assistant. The priestess was dealt with most swiftly and the assistant was dispatched soon after. After ridding the mine of the rest of its vermin infestation the group continued on their journey to the ruins.

Drake Post - Academic section - A New Expedition is Mounted
Ciwosday, Second of Stormdawn, Year 982sc

Esteemed Professor Emeritus Wolfgang of the Rivermeet University's Department of History has commissioned an expedition to explore mysterious ruins found in the savannah lands north of Urn-Rothu. The Drake Post has learned the expedition members are

  • Expedition leader Professor Sathyxxa
  • Alchemestry grad student Markus
  • University guard Tulgen
  • University Guard Volkan
  • The University's Master of the Custodial Arts Cleansing One.

The Drake Post will keep readers informed of any newsworthy developments.


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